Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

·1·16· The Barren Flg,-'Tree~ , · _ ~o j11·ive with Man (l), ' yet '__ a wh ile he will . ftrive with him, he will awaken, he will convince, he wiil call to ~emc'!Tlbran('e former . Sins, former Judgn1ehts, the Breach of former v ·ows and P romifes: the mif-fpending of former Da'ys ; he will '' alfo prefen t perfuafive Arguments, encouraging Pro- ~ifes, dreadful Judgments, the Short- · nefs of Time to repent in ; and that there is Hope -if he come. Further, 11e wilt iliew · him the Certainty of . Death, and of ·· the Judgment to come;' yea, he wjll ~ pull and ilrive with this Sinner. But, beho.ld, the Mi1chief n9w lies here ; here is tugging ~1nd ftriving ·on both , Sides. The Spirit convinces, the ,Man turns' a deaf · Ear to God ;, t:he Spi1·it faith, Receive tny I_nfi:ruEtion, and 1 ive, ; ·but the · lv1an pulls aw·ay his Shoulder ; the Slirit fhews him whither he is going, but the · Jv:Ian cl_ofeth his Eyes againft it ; the SJirit offereth Vio)ence, ,t_l-:e Man Hrives .anLl refifl:s. '!hey: ~Jq,:ve done DeJpite unto the Slirit of _Grace (m). The . SJirit . ,(I) Gen. iv . j. (m) Heb. · x. zg . . '