Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

tz8 The Barren li'ig-r*ree. · · hearken ; judicial hardening is dreailful. T'here "is a . Difference betwixt that Hardnefs of Heart that is incident to all rden', ' and that . which co.mes upon {ome as a Sigtv 1, or fpecial Judgment or God: And although all kinrl of t l·lardnr:{s of f-leart, in fpme s~nfe, may be called a Judgmr.Bt;· ·yet to be hard- (ned with this . Second kind, is a J udg- ' ment . peculiar only to them that perith : An Hardneis that is fent as a ' ·Puni!hn1ent, for the Abufe of Light re-· teived, for a Reward of Apojlacy (l). This judicial Fia·rdnefs _is difcovered from that V{.hich is incident to :11l Men, in thefe Particulars: , · . . I 1. It is an J-J a rdnef-; that comes after · ' {ome great , L 'ight .received, hecauje of fome great Sin committed againft that Light, and the Grace that g,a7_,·~ it (m). Such Hardnefs as Pharaob had~ after the , Lord had "frought wondroul1 y be~fore him : Such Hardnefs as the' Gentiles had, a l-Iardnefs (I) Rom. 'ii. 20, 2 L (ml 1 Sam. vi. 6. / .1