Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

1Lhe JB~rren ~g-1frge very Pofl ure God lefi ·hirn, and fo he ftands to this very Day. I have had a Fancy, th<'1t ·Lot's Wife, when <Ihe was turned .into a f)illar of Salt~ U:ood yet looking over her Shoulder, or e]fe with her Face towards Sodom ; as the Judgment caught her, fo it bound her; . and le'fr her a 1\lonument of 'God's·Anger to after Gene.rations.. · W e read of f~mf' that are feartd. 'liJith an hot Iron, and that are J ajl Feeling' for fo feared Perfons in v:';1 (ed Parts are.' ·Tiwi r Confcience is feared ( i ). The Co ri fcience is the ,Thir)g that muft be touched with F ee ling, Fear, and Remorfe, if any good be done ·with the Sinner. H,ow .then can any good be done to thofe whofe· Ccnfcience is worfe than that~ that is fafl afleep in Sin ( k) . · For that Confcicnce that is t faft afitep, may be awakened a~d fc'1v~d; but that C011fcien~e that is feared~ driedt as it were into 'a Cinder, can never have Senfe., Feeling, or the · leaft Re.. gr~t 1n tl~e Vv c rld. Barren Fig - tree, · F 4 hearken ; _ti} Tit. iv. l· ~