Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

132 The Barren I:ig-:Trce. He jhall Jeparate hinz 'unto Evil ; he ~ lhall give him up, he fhall leave hin1 to his Heart, he fhall feparate him to that, or thofe 1 that will affured1y be too hard for hiJn. Noyv this J udgmrnt is n1uch effected, when God hath given a tv1an up unto Satan, and ha th ·given Satan · Leave, ·v)ithout fail, · to corn pleat his .Defir':Jftion. I f:t y, fVhen God bath given Sa)an Leave elfe8ualty to compleat his Dejlruftion: For all th i t are deli ~ vered up unt '-> Satan, ·have not, nor 1 do not come to this End. But that is the Man whom , God fhall feparate to · Evil; . and fna·ll learzH in the Hands "f Satan, . to compleat, without fail, his Deftruction. · · · . T 'hus he ferved Ahab, a Man, tbat fold himfelf to work JVickednefs in tbe Si~:,ht of tke Lord ( y). And thq Lord f aid, /J7ho }hall p~rji1 ade Ahab, that be ma y go up mid f all at Rarpoth ·Gil ead ? ./lnd BJJe filid on this Manner, · a11J a;tcther . . . fltid