Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barren Fig-:!ree. 133 · foid on tbat Manner: And there came • forth a ·S}'irit, and flood before the Lord, ,aHd faid, I will perfuade him. · An~ the. ""' Lord faid unto him, Wherewith .2 .4nd he fa id, I 'will go f orth, and be a lying Spirit in the !Vlouth . of· all his Prophets. And he, faid, ' 'Ihou jhalt perjitade him, and prevail alfo, go forth , and do fo (z). ' Thou lhalt perfuade him, and prt"Jail; Do thy WiN ~ IJeave him in thy Hand, Go forth, a11d do fo. Wherefore, in -thefe Judgmen ts the Lord doth much concern ·himfdf for · the .Management thereof, becaufe . of the Provocation wherewith they have provoked him. This is the Man whofe R p. in God cont'ri··uetb, and ' bringeth to pafs /Jy his own Contri··uan~e. I wil~ chufe their Detufions for them) I tze:ill bring · tlpeir }ears ·upon them (a) . I will leave the tn ' to their own D.evices, or the Wicked- ' neffes that -their Hearts are contriving of. I, even 1, will caufe them to be' accepced . of, and dttljghtful to them. (z) t Kings xxii . zo, z I, 22 . (a) Ifaiah lxvi. 4· But