Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

t 1 ,'!The B~.1rren Pig-r"ree. there wanteth the main Thing, Fruit,. tor the Sake and Expeet~tion ofwhich . h: fe-t this ·v in~-y ard. with Trees•. N ow, fecing the Fruir is not found amongft you; the Fruit, I iay, fgr the Sake of' which he .at firit did plant thi~¥ Vine- · yard ; what remains_, ~but that in J u- :ftice he com-ma_qd to cut you down,_ il-S thofo that cumber the @round, that be may plant .himfelf another Vine- .yara. _. T'hev fai~ h~ to t~e Dreffir .of his·. YitJt;'ard,, •Behold, theft t.~-ree utrrs .I t..(;me ftekit;g .i!ruit 011 this. Fig-tree, ana· find 11011e; Ct~t it dow11; why cumbrctb it tbe Grottnd? T -his -therefore ruuft be - J7C·ur End, although you are planted in· the Garden of Go~,. for _the Barrennefs and Unfruitfulnefs of your' f-Iearts and Liy-cs, yo1;1·. ~u:ft be cut off, yea, rooted up, and caft out 0f the Vin·eyard. · _ - In Parables there are two 'l'bi11gs tO. be taken Notice of, and to be enquired into of th~·m that .:read ; . I.. Firjl, ·T'h~ Meiap.loers-made ufe of. . l~. ~: tfOIJdly, 1. he Deciri1Je, ?r My-· jhries- 'cuched urider fuch' .M-etapho.rs. ... ' . Tlle,