Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Ba·rren Fi~--Tree.. 'I r r gave the~ Sword and Fatnine, . Peff'i ...· lence and Blood, for thei'r Outrage againft the Son of his Love : So Wrath' iimt 01J them tfJ the tlttermr:Ji r bJ. . Now to preven~ their ~Id and f()olilb Salvo; . which ~hey always had in uadinefs againft fuch Prophecies a-nd. Denunciations of Judgment, the Lor& Jefqs prefents them with their Parable,. 11n wh1ch h~ empharically _fhews taem1 . that their Cry of being the umpli of the Lord, aud of their being the Children of .Abrahr1m,. &c. and their being. , the Church of · God, would not ·ftand, then1 in any ·fi:ead. · A's who 1hould' fay, It may be yon; thi:rik to help yol1r-- fdves again!t this Jn·y Prophecy of you.r utter . and unavoidabl~ Over- , .throw, by th~ Interdl: which you have in your . outward P~ivileges· • But all" tllefe _will fpil yote; for what think you, .. A c.erta.iii· Man hail a Fig-tree plaNted: in hiJ VitJe)!ar:d,.. a11d he came tf.tJd (ottghJ' 'Frt~it thereon, a11d found 11011e. · This i,~: · your Cafe : The Jewijb Land is G~.d,s • Vi,neyard, 1 know it; and I knov~ Rlfo- , thatyou ar~ the. Fig-t-rees. . E.~; peholdi . . ' 4>· 6- r r ' tbtr~ ~1~~ Thdr ii. 161·