Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

142 Th€ Barren 'Fig:.;free. not: He, looks ghafl:ly, carefully, de·- , je~edly; he fighs, he fweast,: he trem.. bles, but .Death matters nothing. _. 3. Fearful 'I'hqughts ha.unt h{m,. MHgi'vings, direful Apprehenfj.ons/ of God . . · terrify him.. Now he hath Time to think what the Lof.s of Heaven will · be, and . what the Torll)ents .of Hell ·will be: Now helooks, no Way., but · ~e is affrigh ted.. 4· Now would he live, but may not ; -he would live, though it were but the Life of a Bed-rid Man, bu~ ,n1uft not. He that cuts :hin1 down, fways him, as the Feller of Wood fways the tottering 'l'ree; now this Way, then that, at latl a R.oot br~'tks ; an Heart- firing, an Eye- firing (Daps a· funder. . . - 5· And now, could the Soul be an- . nihilated, or brought to nothing, for . how happy wopld i~ count itfelf; but it (ees that may not be ; wherefore it is put to a wonderful ~traight ! Stay in · the ( "' .