Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

I The Barren Fig-tree. · ~ r 4 1 6. Together with thefe, ft andeth by · the Cf)mpanions of Death ; Death and / 1 • HeJJ, Death and ·Devils,, Death and Endiefs I'orm~nt · in the everlafiing Flames of d evouring F ire. When _God ./hall come up unto the People, he111.oili in· . v c:de them 'U.lith his 'I'roops (q ). · . But how will this Man die ? ·can now his Heart endure, (}1" can his Elands· . be ' jlrong (r ? ) ., , · · 1 1. God and Chrift, and Pity. have left him : Sin againfi: Light, agai nft Mercy, and the Long:fuffering of God ' is come up againjl him ; his I-1ope and· Confidence now lie a-dying by him, and his Confcience totters and }hakes continually withi-n him. 2. Death is at Work, Cutting of him. down, hewing b_oth Bark and I-Ieart, both Body and .Soul afllnder: The Man groans, but Death hears hin1 (q) Hab. iii . r6. (r) Ezek. xxii. 14. not :