Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

t :.t The Barren Fjg- Tree. ' / the ·Out cries of Jujlicc againjl the fr1Jitlefs ProJCfforJ re \-- . .. . 8. 'T'he Dreffir's tp.tcrcedtng, ts to 1hew, how t'be Lord Jefus jleps in, t111d takes hold of the Head of_ his F,ather7 s Axr:, to itop, -or at leaft to defer pre-- fcnt .E:xecution againfi a barren Fig- . tree. 9· The Drejfer's Defire_ ~o try to make the Fig- tree fruitful, is to 1hew - -you, !-low ti4JwiJiing he . is that ever a barreu .Fi'g· tree JhouJd jet be ·barr_e11,_ ·,and perijh. ~ ' . 10. ~is Jigging about it, and dung- .. ing of it', is to fhcw his 11/iJ/ingne[J to apply Gofpel Helps tv this barren Projej[Gr, . if happily he tnay be fruitful. . 11. The Suppofition ( f} that .the 1./g-trt,e, Hiay yet continu~ fruitl_ef$, is-. to ibew, that when Chnil· Jefus bath dot1e all, there are fqme Projeffor s will abide barren a11d fruitlefs. , . 1 2. The Derermina·tion upon this SnppofitioE,, at 1aft to. cut it down, Is. a .certain Predi8ian oj fu.ch .Pt·ofeffors,ttnt~'V f:JidabJe tJnd eter:-;aJ Da-mllatiotJ. . · ~ut I!] I fa. liii, l1.. T/1 Mat : iii l.Q,.