Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barren Fig-1ree. 15 But to take this Farable into Pieces, , and to difcourfc 1nore .part!(uLuly., tholugh ~ith all Brevity, upon all the Part~ thcreQ£ · A certai1J MatJ had a Fig-t-ree plal)ted ia his Vineyard. The 1\f ~n, I told y0u, is to prefen't: t1S ·with God the ,Father, by which Similitud~ he is often fet out in the ~ew-Tefta1ncht. ' Olfirve the11, 1~hat it is ho new ' Thing, if you find in God,s Church, barn:tJ Fig-trees, fruitlef.l) ProfdTors; even a'S here you iec, is a Tree, a fruitlcfs 'Tree-, a fruidds Fig-tree in the Vineyard. ' Fruit is not ·fo eajiJy brought fort·h, as a Profetiion is got i11to : It is cafy for a IY1an to cloath ·himfelf with a fair Shew in the Fldh, to }'i 'Ord it, and fay' B$ tbotl warmed lliid jilkd with the· beji. lt is no hard ~ Thin g ro d o thetc· with otbcr 1 ' hings; but to be fr uitj ttl, to bri'ng forth Frttit to God,_ th1s doth not ev.ery 1'rec; No, not ·CV( ry Fig-tree that itands in tO~ Yincyhr j of (iod. Them. Words . ~~ /"