Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

. ~rl e Barret; Fig-7ree.. 2 9 heavenly Principle is in hin1. vVhy then ihould not God feek Fruit? As for thcn1 therefore, that will re- . tain t"he Name of Chrifti~ns, fearing God, -and y~t make no ConiCience of bringing forth Fruit to him : .fie faith to fuch, . A·z~a)': As for ~yoze, go _J'e,_(ervc tvery otJe his Ido!J, and hereajter alfo, ·if JC .wiJJ not hearken unto me [J J. Barre11 Fig tree, doft thou hear? _God expect.~ eth Fruit, God calls for Fruit, yea, God will ili®rtly come feeking· Fruit- on this ban·en Fig-tree. · Barren Fig-tree, either bear Fruit, ·er go out -of the ' 7ineyard.; (and yet then thy Cafe will be un{~~ cakably damnahle) , Yea, let me add, If thou fualt neither bear /· Fruit, nor depart, Gud will take his Name Offt o( thj Mouth [t]: He will have Fruito And I . fa.y farther., if / thou w1I c. do neither, yet God in Jufbce and R ightcouil.1cfs will ftill come f0r Fruit. .1\nd it wi\1 he in vain for thee to. count thi·s Auitcrity ; .l-Ie will reap ·uJ!Ycre he hatb .110t fo.we~~ and gather tzvbere he bt{th 12et Jirewed [rt ]. Barren Fig tree, doft thou hear? ~ .[tJ. Jer . xliv. z6.. [u] Ma~