Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

32 The Barren Pig-71-ee. ,. · them to bring forth Frpit-. Frpit 1-le looks for, feeks and expeCts, 1Jarren 17iJ;~tree! - But what! ·Come i11to ~he J P,efcnce of God to fin : What ! Come ir<1to the :P~cfcnce of God t~ hide thy Sin. Alas, 11~n ! the Church is God's Garden, and C~rift: Jefus is the gn~at Apoftle :ano High- Ptiefi: of qur Profd11on. What ! Come into the Houfe that is called b,y my Name [a J ! into the :Place where my Ho1iour o welleth [b J ! where mine Eve-~ and I--Ieart are ccn-- · tinually ! Wl{ar, co11}.e ther~ to 11n., . to hide thy Sin, to cloak thy Sin ! His Plants [c J arc an Orchard with pleaja11't- lruits. An(1 er-uery Time l!e goeth into his Garden-, it i& to fee the f_,ruits of the Valle-; ; and to ice if the Vine flourii'h, and if the Pornc-~ granatcs bud. 1:-ea, faith he, F-Ie came feekit;g Fr·ttit on this Fig tree 1"hc Church is the Place of Gou 's ' lJdJgli t ; where he ever defire:s tb be ; there he_,i s Night · · an-d· [~J Heb. iii. I. ]er. vii. 8, 9.• to. [h] Pial. XVl · " Y. ' ' ~ [ ] 0 • , X . ~;. ~. Awgs l_X. j • t. vOng lV. I 3• 14, 15. Ju!dv1 . 1 x.