Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

34 '. Th_e Bl1rren F'ig:-1ree. Pruit meet for tGod f.e ], pl_eafant _Fruit, _ t!·ruit good and/ i\vcet. . Alas! 1 t is not any Fruit w.iJl ferve; bad Fruit is counted none. Everr· Tree that brit~geth forth net good Fr~i5, is 1 heivn down a11d cajl i11to the Fire lf]. . I. There -is a Fru1 t among rrufeffors that withers, and fo never comes - · to be ripe ; a Fruit ·that is [mitten in .the Growth, an'd come's not t9 il4atttrity, and this is reckoned tJo Fruit. This Fruit tb~fe Profeflors bear, :that have manJ' fair BegiiZ1Jings, or Bfoffoms; that make man)' fair ()Jf'errof Repentance · and A1nendment; that begin to pray, t:o refolve, and to ·break otf their Sins _by Righteoufnefs ~ ; but ftop at tl{ofe B:. g!nnings, anq bring forth ·t1o ·i ruit to YerjeClton. "This ·Man's Fruit is withered., wrinkled, ~11ittcn fi~ruit, and is in EJfctl:, 1; 0 Fruit at all. z. The re is an h:fl;' Fruit, fuch as is the Cor1t upon the Houfe-top !g\ or that whi~h fr rings up ·on the Du11lhill, t.hat runs up fudde11/;'; violently., wit.h . great Stalks, and big Shew, and 'f'"C:t 1-t lajfprovcs empty of Kcrucl. :This. Fruit · · is [t] Heb. vi. · [/] Matt. iii. 10. fg] Pfal. cxxix.