Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

,.. -!A'\J ,t;;.: Tire' .Bart'e1)' Jrtg-1r".:e. 3.. 5 is to be found in thofe JJrofdfors5 that on ~ fudden are fo aw:rkened, io convinced, an cl io afte&ed with their Cor1- . ditiol'l, that they ih~ke the whol/e Family, the End-ihip, d1e vvpole !'own.- ; 1 For a wbile they cry haftil y, veherllently, dolefully, mournfully; and yet all is but a Pang, an Agony, a Fit, they bring not torth Fruit with· Patience. ~hefe: are called thofe hafty Fruits, tbat jbttll be as a fading flo:zv~r [h]. 111crc is a Fruit rhat is 'Vile, and ill tajied [i 1,. hovv long foever it be in growing L kl ; the Root ,is dried, and 1 can~ot convey a Sufficiency of Sap to the Branches to ripen the Fruit. Thefe are 'the Fruit of f~ch Profefiors,. whofe Heart is cftranged froin Communion with the Holy Ghofr, whofe Fruit groweth from' tbem{elves [tj, fro1n their . :Parts, Gi rts, Strength of Wit, natural or tnoral Princi pies. 'I'hefe, notwithftanding they bring forth F,'ruir_, are ea) led empty ViJJes; fuch as· bring not forth Frui t to God. · :Tb~ir Root is dried up, they'jhtill bear· . · - B 6 fj() '[h J If a. xxviii. 4·· [iJ Jex:, xxiv.- it6. [l] Hof. ~. 1. [k] !Iof. ix. · . '