Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barre·n Fjg-r'ree. 53 Barre'JJ Fig- tree; What Fruit ·haft _thou ? ·~ H~dt. thou Fruit becomitlg the Care of Gqd, the ProteCtion of God, the Wifdorn of God, ~h~ Patiet;1ce and · Htubandry of God-? It is the Fr~it of the V-ineyard that is either the Shame or the Praife of the I{usbandn1an. [ · went "by the Ji'ield of tbe Slothful, faith ·Solomo;;, a11d by the ·Vi11eyard oft~{J Man ·rvoid qf UJJderjitJndi11g. A11d Jo, ·it was ·grown' o("aer with Thorns, and Nettles had t:overed thr; L~: ace ·thereof( tt )· . : Ban·en Ftg-tree, It Men would make a J udgmenc of the Care, and ·Pains; --and L ;< hour of G~d in his Church ·by the Fruit thou bringeil forth, what · might they fay ; Is he not ilothful, is I • he. not cardefs, is he not without Dif- ·cretion? ()! t,hy ·iborns, thy Nettles, ·thy barren }fear:, and barretJ Lift, is ·a. ·c.ontin nal Provocat.ion to the Eyes of his Glory, -- as likewife a DiihenotU to the Glory of his Grace. Barren 1ig-tree, Haft thou heard all thcfc ·'Things, I will yet.add one tnore. I C .3 ' And