Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

J:l. The Barren· Fig,-7'ree-. Of S~l'f(t'f ( q ), -I cquld ~dd, ~!Jo:v many ~ wdhhgly offered thcn1ielv~s 1n ·~l-l Ages, · and -their All, 'f?r the wort hy Name of , du.,_~Lora Jefus,. to be racke_d, fiarved,- . h~-nged, b · rned, drowned; pull'cd iQ · Pieces, · and a 'I'houfand · Calami t ies . -- Btlrren Fig- tre~,, the Vineyard of God h~th been ~a fruitful Place, -What doft .,.. thou there ? What doft thou bear ? God expeCts· .Fruit ac<7ording to; or becoming the 'Soil.of the ,Vin.eyard. Sixthly, The Fruit whi-c:h God ex.: peft'e~h; is fuch as becometh God's HQsba~dry ·· and Labour·. The Vine•, yard is,God's H~sbandry, or Till ag~. ' I a.nrthe·Vine, faith C~rift, J' and, n-,ry J.~.ta .. '1/~r. is the' Husband.m~111 ( r ). And again, reare God's Husbandry;· J'e are Ciod's Building (sJ. · 'The Vi9eyard , God fence~ it; God gathereth out the Stones, God bu,ilds the Tower~ and the W ineprefs in the midil: _thereof ( t). H er_e is .Labour, here is Prorett:ion, here is removing of Hindrances, .here is convenient P.urgation, and all tbat there !night /;e Frttit. B-arren (q) ACl:s xix. 18, rg, 20. (r ) John xv~. t. {s) 1 Cor: iii. 9• (t) Ifaiah v.