Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The l3ltrrt:n Fig-1r-ee. S7 .brance .of all the Tim.e, tliat a llorre11; Fig-t-ree, , or a fruitlefs Profefior,~ miffpendeth i11 this rVorld. ..:-\s he faith alfo of IfraeJ of ol.d, Forty rears ~tong 'l.ffliS I grieved with this c;enctation (a) • . · . l"hefe three Years, Ejc. · Obferve, 'Thefe three Seafons; Go,dre.members how many Seafons thou haft mif-fpc-nt. For thcfe three rear-s fignify fo many Seafons. And when tl~~ . • 'ltme fij Fruit drew~ nigh (b), ·that is, -about , the Seafon that they ·begin to be · ripe, or that according to the Seafon, might fo have been, BarreJJ Fig-tree, ·thou, haft had Time, Seafons, Sermons, Minifters, .l\ffi.icrions, J udgments,1v1ercies, and ·what not; and JCt hajf nqt beetJ . fruitful: "Thou haft had Awakenings, TZeproofs, 'Threatnings, Con1forrs·, and yet haft 11ot been frititful: Thou haft had . Patterns, Exan1ple:;r Citations, Provo- ' cations, and ;'et , hajt 1'lot beer; frttitfttl ." Well, God hath laid upth;rthn:el'ear.s ~ with himfelf He remembers ~ t~ery , Time, every Seafon, every · Miniiler, AffliCtion, Judgment, J\1ercy, ikwakcning, ·Pattern, Example, C~tation-, .C 5 Pro.. · (a) Pf~1m xcv. to. (b) l\~!att. xxi, 34..