Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

sS 'The Barren Fig-'Tree. Frovocation: l-Ie remembers atl, as 'he :f1id 6£=- lf.rael of old: They have tempted 111e thefe Ten 711?tes, and have 11ot heark- ·ened to my Voice (c). · And :(].gain, I re- . 117CrJiber all their w~u: ked11efs (d) 'Tbefe three rears, &c•. He ..feeks for the Fruit of every Sea- - "' t)n ; He wilhnot tha;t any of his SerJncns, IvHnifters, ' AffliCtions, Judgnlepts,, or M ercics j~ottld be J'?}t, o.r , ·ftan,d tor inflgnificai1t 'Ihings; he will · have aCC01'>di11g to the .Benifit bejiowtd (e); 'He bath not done without, a Caufe all · that he hat_}1 done ·; and. therefore .he l<"'oketh fo~r Frui[ : Look to it, barretJ Fig·--tree. . 1 came r f~cking l Fruit . .Obflrrz.:e, '1 his-Word (fleki11g] figni- _. ncs a narrow Sea'tC.h: For when a Man f faks for Fru_i~ ~n a 'free, h~~O~$ roun.d H'l ~md rouno 1t, now Jookmg Into thts Po~gh, and rhen into that; he peeps - into the mc11 inm oft Boughs, and the lowcrmoft l?onghs, if perhaps Fruit n1~y be ther~on. . batreu Fig-tree> God will look into all "' . (c) Numb. xiv. zz. (dJ Ho!.1 11.i:. z. t~) ;:. '.:hron. xx.xii. z :, z ).· E2.ck xiv.. z3.. .