Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barren Fig-trree. · b~r .. ground theft three Years ; Cut it ( down. Precept hath beenupon Precept, , and Line upon Linei one Ye~r after _another, for thCfe three rears, but no Fruit can be feen, I find none, fetch out the Axe. I.am fure tbis is the Fig- I tree, I know it' from the ' firft Year'; ' 13arr:ennefs was its Sign then, Barrcnnefs is its Sign now; rnake it fit forthe Fire. 'The :/ixe iJ laid tQ the Root of the. ;rrees, l . eve1y 1ree therefore that bringeth not forth' t good Fruit, is hewn down, tJnd cajt intO! , the .Fir,p (m). · . . Obfirve, K1 y . Bre thren,- fenoufiy,. God's Heart cannot jia116i towards a bar~ n:n Fig-tree. ~you know thus it is with youridves : If )'OtJ have a 'Tr.ee in yowr · Orchar...i, or Vineyard, that cloth only· tumber the Grott1ld,JI()U cannot look upon , · that T _ree with Pl ~ afure, .with Compla:.. , ccncy and [)cli ght : No) if you do but: go by it, if J'OU do but caftyou21' Eye upOJ~l it;' yea, .if )'O'U do but think' of that 'Tree,J'OU threaten it in your. Heart,. faying, J will he<J.v tJ:;ee down jhtJr:tly; 1 "?f.ll to ~he Fire 7.Vith t~~cjhortlj.. · ~An~ it 1s1nvatn'for any to th1nk of per1uadtng . ' ' . Q:f .tJ.u) ~J att .. iit. iG..