Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barren F~g-1ree. 6 r thy ways, f~ui~lefs Fig tree, ~hotJ ha.ft Jpe.nt ~bis S~afon ~11 ~ain.. ~ . Yet doth he not cut It down. I will try .it .ap.ot~~r year ; t;nay be this was _n,ot *a htttjt!K $e.afon. 1--.he~efor~ ~e _comes ~ga1n next Year to fee If no·w 1 t I have Fruit ; but as he fou·nd it ~!fort, f9 he fi.n~-s 'it t~o~w barretJ, .barren, every . Y etar .ba.rr.e11 ~; he looks a~~in, but finds no .F.tttit. ,Now 'he begins to have fe ... ~c~1!4 ~rl~~?ghts: ·.How~ neither hit 1aJ! Year, no~' thiJ. Surely, the BarrenJ?.efs is f}Ot in the ~e~i(?,n; fure the Fau~t is ~n the Tree. However, I will fpare it this Yefir al.fo, but I will give it a [eco11d ~.ar.k : 4tl? it may be, he toucheth it /fVft~ ,his lr,on ( k), becaufe he begins to be angry. . . _ . · Vj ell, at the third Seafon He comes again for Fruit, but the third Year is l!k.e the)irjf..and fe~ond, no ~Fruit J'et; it \ pnty cp.-mbr:eth the ~rQund : What now , ~n~tf: be d~ne with this Fig-tree ? . W~y, ~ 'I:h,eLprd7.pilllop it_sBCJug-hs?J:'itb ·Terror(l); yea, the 'l'hickets of thoie Profeffors ..'zviih Iron. I bave waited, faith, ·God' theft three:rears, I have n1iffed ofF'ruit thcfe three rears, It hath beeri a Cum- . ' ber- (,f) 1 Tim iv. z. • (I) Ifa. x. 33, 34·