Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

64 'The BarretJ Fig-:free. - he prayed, and the Lord [pared, and t:Orgave th~tn (q); But yet neithe~ Mo- . fes nor SCJmuel can fa ·ve ,~ .barren Fig-tree. No ·; Thor-1gh 1V1 p[es tlnd Samuel flood before me, -th~t is, pleading, arguing, interceding , fupplicating, and -beieech-. ing , jet could they not Jncline mine Heart tg . this Peo.p!e. Cut it down· · Aye; 'but Lord, it is a Fig-tree, a Fig- \ tree ! if it was a ·Thorn_, or a Bramble~ 1 or a Thiflle, the M~tt er would not be ! much .; but it: is a Fig-tree, or a Vine: l V/ eU, but mark the .-\.n{ wer of God : Son of Ma11, what i ; the Vine·tree, mere tbch c;ny Tree, or than a Branch rhat 'is ambng the Trees (jl tie Foreff? Shall WooJ be taken thereof tfJ do an;"' Work ! Or wilt Mtn t uke a Firs thereof 1 o ha-ng an] Vejfel thercrn (r) ? l_f 'Trees that a re fet or planted 1or Fruit; · bring nor forth. that Fniit, there is betwixt them and the .-frees ot' " th~ Foreil, no Betterment at all, u~lefs the Betterment lieth in th~ s:t'ree? of the \Vood, for they are fh ro puild ~Nitbal; buc_ a --Fig-tre~ or a Vine, if they bring not forth Fruit) yea, good Fruit_, ~ they · (q) l Sarn . xii. (r) Ezek. X\'. z, 3.