Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barren -Fig-Tree. 65 _they are. fit for -nothing at all, but to be cut down> and prepar(d for the Fire .; and fa the .Prophet goes on : i1ebold. it is caff into the Fi,re for Fud. ·if' it ferve not for .Fruit, it 'lv_ifl {erve j~r Fuel, and {o the Fire Jevoureth both the Ends of it, and the Middle of it is bNrnt ( s ). -. Aye_, but thefe Ji!g -· trees ~nd ·vines are Church-Members, Inhabiters of ']r:rufalem So .. was .the ·Fig-tree nientioned { . jn 'the Text : But What- Anfwer bath God prepared fpr thefe .Objections? 'V\7hy, Thus faith the Lord (Dod, as the .Vine-tree among tbe Trees of the Fo,-eft, whi~h I have ~ivtn to the Fire fir Fuel, fo u'ill-r give.tbe· In ~~abitants of Jerufalem. .And I wiU[et -my Face againjt them , tbcy ]hall go 6·om one Fire, and anofher Fire Jhalt de·-c1our them (t ). Ct~t it dau;n. 1"he Woman that delightetl1 1n her \ Garden, if ihe have a Slip there, fup.. ' pofe (if it was fruitful) fhe would not · t~keji'1'Je Pounds for it.. ' Tet if it bear nfJ i' Fruit, if it wiri=ler , and d wi Ed le, aNd die, and turi1 Cum ber .. ground only, it· may \ not jfand i~ her Garden. G ardens and Viney ards·are Places for Frttit, for · Fruit (1) Ezek. xv. 4· (t) !bid X.V . 6, 7·