Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

'j :l · The J3arre~ Fig... 'free. The ~oly Ghoft doth not only take an Argument from its Rartenne[s; but becaufe·--it is a Cumbq·grounJ, Therefore crit · it Jown :-·w-t1erefore it inuft.- ·needs be a ·Provocation. - ~ J. 13ecaufe~ ' as much ras in hin1 lie th he diCappointeth the Defign of God in Planting his Vineyard. Iloo.~eJ th.'it it Jhould bring forth. Fruit. , 1 , _ 2. It hath a~fo abufed his Patience, his long, -his three , Years Patienc!.· 1· -It hath alfo abufed his La~our; his Pains, his Care., and P~ovie:ience . or · Proredjon and Prefervation ; for he · _ hedges his Vineyard, and· \valls it a-· bout ( q \. Cumber-grcund! all thefl 'Thingi thou aliufljf. ~-. lie warers his · Vineyard', amd looks to it Ni~11J: and Day (r); put _ 'oall thefe Things thou ha~ a_bufed•. Farther, T here are· other, Reafons of God's Difpleafure. As, F:irft.i A Cumber~ ground i.s a very)\1;ock and Reproach to Religio~, a _Mock and 1 Repro(#.ch to the Ways 6( God, to.. the People of God, ~o the Word of God, and to the Name of R._6ligion. It is sxpetted on all Hands, thac all the Trees • in thG Garden of God fhvulcl be fruitful.- {q) Ifa. 'Ii, z;, 3• (r) !/;idxxvit 1, z., 3·