Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

Tlie Barren Fig-tree. 7 1 Uj},LJ'n ,the Edg~: of his own Swo ,·J, an.i JieJ (J ). Th u .~ he cut _Jo'"'" Ananias tend _Sappbira hi J W~fe wbrn h ~ Jlrt;tck them · f JouJn dead in the midft of rh; ,-J·ongr<-gation . (m) . , l m!~ :,~ ·he1 e ::df() dif(:oude of A~F1Iom~ .ribitbopb~l(n) and ?udas, who we re a ~: t tbrre hangul ; t be firft by G od's revt ng iPg tla ~·t d, the cthe·r were, gi ven up of God to be tAeir own E xecurioners (o), · Thefe were barren and unpro- . fitabl e Fig•treeJ ., . fuch a,s God took MO , Pl~afure i.n l therefore he tomm ;~nded, To c11 t tk rm deu;n. The Pfai mij! fdrh, H e }hall t ake tcbem au1dy a! ,J..,ith a i1/hirl- 'Jvi1ul, both ii -vmg, and i1:~ his Wrath, Pfal. 1 viii 9· · . Barren Fig-t ree, he~ r ken ; God calls for che Axe , his Sward ( p ), Bring it hither, he re is a barren , Profeifor, Cut him ~own, Wh; cumbretb he tht Gr~und ?, . IVh)' cumbreth. it the Ground? • • - - j By thefe Words the Lord fuggdlerh Reafsm (, f his D ifpleafure againtl tbe barren F'ig-cree., It cumbre! 1h tht Groun·J. ' The ( (!) t Sam . xxxi. ·4· , (m) ACts, ~· 5· I·o. (11 ) z Sam. xvii ._ 9. !hid. xvii. 23. (o) Pfal. lviii. ~ · (p) E:tek. xxi 9, 10.