Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

-:;~ · - T.. he Barren Fig-'Tree. ..,; . a more·frLJi[ :ul People fet in r.heir room. As S.amuel alfo .f .fid to ba ' ren Saut · u ', . 7-~~ Lord hatb re,-.t the Kingdom from the1, · ~ ~ tind hat h~gi~tn i·t to .: Neighbour oJ tb~nr.1 that iJ better thar} tl;ro~. 1'h..; U11profitable ! Servanc ,nulf_be ca(t out (x-·, mu{t be 'at ·, JDwn. · · c~mber-ground l How many hopeful, inclinabl"·'' fo rward Peopte, .halt thou by _thy fruitlefs and unprDficab le Li t·e, kept · out of the Vineyard of Codj F,or thy Sake have rhefe People ftnmbl.ed· at Religio~: By thy Life hav~ they been kept from applying tbemfelves to c}le ·vroper t\1eans for their own Salvation. Thou haft been aJfo··a 1\1eai1S of hardening others, and of quench!ng, and killing weak Beginnings.' Well, JJa r~en y;g. tree! Look to thy felf, . ( ehon wilt not go to Heaven .thJtfelf, and rhetn that would, th6H hinderdl) Thou n1uft not always ,.cumber rhe Ground,~ nor aiWa}'s hinder the Sal varion· . of. ()~hers. · Thou fha}c be csrt dou, n, and •n(}tbe~ Jbt~ll b.t plt~nted in tb1 R.11;m.' ·'. . · T~i1ta~r, The Cr1mb, r-g,r"ound is a Suck· . . <~~:. b~~draws ·away the 1-l~art. ~ nd Nou• ' rifhtnent (u) J s~. ~y. ~8. (x) Matt. XX '{ , 27·