Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barren Fig- free. 7 5 riO:tment/rc7m th~ other Trees. Were the Cumber·grounJ eut Jown, the other·would be n1ore fruitful ; he draws avV!V that ' l~.ttnefs of the Ground to himfdf, that 'voutd make the . cthtr m('>re - he::arrv ··and t"ru,hfu~. Une Siri,tr ,Jt:/fro]tth mu;h Coo ,/ (y). ' · _ The Cumber-:gr.~emJ is a very .'Grone ir1 the Hirue, . that eats up che Honty that fhould feed the labouring Bee ; he· i5 a . Thief in the Ca,J!e, that wafteth the Tallow~ bul giveth no Light; he is the ,unfavourJ Salt . that is fit for nought but rhe DunghiL Look to it, Barren Fig-tree. I ', (y} Ecclef. ix. 18. . / D% Luke