Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barre11 Fig:.Tree~ til he be ready to fall ; then, if eve-r,. he will feek to take fafter Hold. Thus,. , I f:1y, deals the L_ord Jefus oft·times. ·· with rh~ barren Profefior, he diggeth· about him ; he fmiteth one Blow at his Heart, another Blow at his L~ils, a third at his. Pleafures,_ a fourth ~t his. Comforts, another at his Self.conceited-' ~efs ; thus 1\e diggeth7~bout him : Th~s,. , 1s the Way to take hi."" ~~.nh fron1 hts Roots, and to Joofen ,his Roots from the: Eanh.. Barren Fig·t~ee, See .here th,e Care., the . Love, the Labour and Way; which the Lord Jefus, the Dreffer of the Vineyard, is willing t.o take witb thee,. if ha ply thou may eft be made ' fruicful. Until I jh.a~l' yfig ;bout il,, cmd [du~gJ it'o. , I ' 1\s the Earth, by hindin.g the. Root$ too clofely') tnav hinder the Tliee~s being iruitftd; f:o tbe want of better ~eans-. may be alfo a Caufe tner.eof. And this is m":> re xhan intimated by the Drefferof the Vineyard, Until: 1 fhall ·dig_a.bout: it, and ·dung it; I w}ll fuppl'y it: with. a. more fruitful Miniftry '): witb a warmer: D 6J · Word.. /