Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

Jg- rce. the ·Frait of Se[f~denial. And this kept " Anan.ias and Sapjhirtz his Wife (g), from the goodly Fruit of Sincerity~ and-Truth .. ·vV hat fb all I fay, 'l'hefe are foolijh and · · hurtful Lufis,· which, df'own Men in Deflruftfon a;id Perdition ·; for 1 the . Lov.e of Moni'V; .: i/ .tJ.,e Root of all E~oil. f-low j ~ r. . then 'Can good Fruit grow 1rom fuch a Roet,-the Root of all E1.)il? Which while · ftme covet after, they have erred from the. Faith; ana pierced themfllves throug~ with ' . ma1Jy Sorrows. Mark, I fay, it is an ervi! Root. . Na V more, it is the Reo! of ·all E71'il ,(b): How then can the ·profef... ' ior tha.~ hcith fuch a Root, or a Root wrapped up in fuch earthly Things, as the Lufts, and Pleafures, and Vanities of · this Vv orld, bri1'lg fqrth Fruit unto God? , · UJJtil I Jlall [dig] abo:t it. Lord, I will Joofe h·is Roots, i 'will Jig up this Ea-rth., I w j'Jl lay .his Roots~ -. bare, my Hand .illall be upon hi~n by Sicknefs:J by Dif{tppoiifcments, by crofs Providences, ; I will dig about )him un... · til he ftands fhakipg and tottering, un-:- til thl 1 !im. vi. g, 1 o.