Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Bctrr~n , Fig-r"ree. 85 delighted : For thou art gracious, and,' merciful, a:nd rrpenteft thee of the Evil whit~ thou · threatenejt to bring upon,, a peapie (f). · . · . T hefe Words therefo·re in form' us~ that if a barren ·}zg-ttee, a: barren Profelfor, ~ fhal _l now a( la~ bring forth Frui~ to God, it fl1aJl go well with .that Profeii:or ; · it f1Jall go well with that poor Soul. H"is former Barrennefs, l11is former tempting of. God, his '.dbuft' of G9d's ·Patience an9 Long:-fuffering, his lnif !pending Year after Year, lhaU now be ;all forgiven _him. . Yea, God the Father, and our Lord Jefus Ghrift · will now pafs by, and forget ·aH, and fay, Well done, at the laft. lf/hen I fay to thfJ' //Picked, · 0 wicked Ma.ft, thou /halt futely die ; if he then do that ·which is lawful ' and right, if _he wap( in . the Statutes of Life, withDut eom rnitting Jniguity; he. fhaH furely live:, · be Jhall net die (m). Barren Fig:tr.ee;Doft thou hear? The Axe is laid ·to.- thy Roots, the Lord Je.. . fus prays ~ G_od to _fpare thee .: Hath -he been digging about 'thee ? hlath he b.eetl. dunginz. . or . thee ?. . 0 barren ..Jiig - !reil . '· ' • Now. {11 Jona.h iv.. ~. • ' {tb[ Ez.ek•. iii. :tS~,