Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

~ · 86 -The Barren ,Fig-7fe(: 1'/ow tho_:u art come_to · the .Point ; if thou fnalt now be'C0111e _gqod, _. ;tnd if ' thou ih~lt afte-r a gracious Man_n~ r fuck in the Gofpel-dung, · and jf thou- ihalt bring fqrth ·Fru-it unto God, Well: ~ut if. Bqt, th_e ,Fir.e i.s tbe lafl : Fruit or the "Fire: ·_ Fruit . or the Fire, . barr;en_Fig-Jree• . If it bear-Fruit~ U:el~. ... And if not, then after .that ;thou /halt cut i! down. l '\' ' ~- . • An~ if nq-t, ~c~ The. ~ord Jefus by this 1F, _ giv·eth, us \to underHand, that there · is a: .Generation of Profeifors in ~.he W orl<:i, that _are. i-nc-urab}~, tha~ will not, · that ·ca-rmot repent (n); por be profired by the Means of Gra,ce ; .A Generation, I f~ y, t-hat \_V ill retain a Profeffion, but will not bring forth Fruit. : ·A Generation that will wear \. out the Pa- . ' tience; of God; 'rime and 'lide., Threatriings and Interceffions, Judgments and Mercies ; .dnd after a.ll will be unfruitful. ' •' , r ' I " O ~ 'th~ defperate w ·ickednefs .that is in thine Heart 1. Barren Profeffor, D-0ft tboti