Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

To the REA·DER.. 'The Church u11d a Profeffion, are the b~jl Place J f~~r the lJ Pl.:it:. ~t ; bttt the worft in the vVorld {ur the Cl}rnber.. ground : .He nm/J · ve 'cc~fl_.. as. projaue, ()tJt (!/~ the !v'lount of a·od -;, C.J./1, I J'~,Y, over the 1-Vi;l/ oj' tbe Vineyard_,, there to wither ; thence ·. to be gathered and burtJed. lt ha.d bee~ better for theln ·that' they had not kn9)\vn the Way of R1ghteoufnds: [d] ~1'11d J'et if~ tEey haJ tJot, tbey bcfti bt:t n dr.i rrmelt ; but it is hetter . to ... ~ ojo fldi v;i tbottt', t baJt in, or jrojn uruler a f.Jroj t!Jion: Thefe iha.tl receive greater 1)an1nation. [t 1 . lJ. tbou be ll P'rokffor' n:ad ana 'trernble ; . Jj' thott be Profane~ do fo li{'ewije. For if the Righteous icarce1 y be i:t vcd, vvhere ihall the 9 ng:odl y and Sinners appear? Cun1ber-groun~,. take heed of the Ax.e ; Barren Fig- · ' tr~e) bt ·wc~rf of the Fire~ < A 4 But (d] Ezek xxv,iij. 16. Joh~.x~. 1'·6. z Pet. ih 12. [, 1 Luk<:: xx. 47· .