Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

- To, the READER. But I will keep thee no longer Ollt oJ"' - th~ Book; ChriH: Jefus, the J?rejfir u_f' the Vineyard-, ta~e Care of thee, dig about tbee, and dit,ng thee, that thou m.;yejf bedr Fruit'; · that whett ·~ the Lord oj" the Vi-neyard · corneth with his Axe to fiek jor Fruit, -or rron_ownce the Senttnce of Damnation otJ ihe Barre-n_ Fig..: tree, ' thc..tt rnay1J ~/{: ape that Jtidgrhent. The Curnberground i'12tffl to the W ood-pil~, and the';.ce to tht: Fne. · \ · F'arew~!. Grace be with all then1'that lov~ • 'OUr. 'Lord Jcfqs i~ , Sincerit·y. · Atmu. ' - . · . . . · J.. Bunyan.