Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

I 88 The· Barres Fig-1ree. n1y .Grace1 into Wantonnefs ; if after d'igging, and dunging, and waiting, lt yet' remain unfruitful, I ~ill let thee cut it down. .• - · ' · - Gofpel Means applied., is the !aft Re:. medy "lor ~ barren ProffiTOr : If the Gbfpel, :if 'the Grace of. the Gofpel w~fL not da,. r};ere can be .nothing expeB:~cl, but cut it down~ / 'I'heJJ after that ·thoU:· {halt cut it down. . · 0 Je~uf<~detn ! Jerufalem ! . thoU' . that kzllefl th/P_·~opbet~, ~nrl floneft t~em ·~·that · are fent tmto thee, 'bow often would I have · gathered thy -Children together, . as an Hen gathereth her ,ChiCkens under her Wings,_ and ye 1-vould not P <fhcrejor.1 your J-I~ztfei ' , axe left unto:you defolate (p ).. ·}_{et it cannot be, "but that this Lord Jefus, who ' at firft did put a Stop to the Executionof hi?. !father's Juftice, becaufe he defi-red: to - ~ ·ry moreJv1eans with the Figtree ; 1 fay, it 1 canq_ot b.~, but that· an , ' Heart fo full of Coinpaffion, as bis is, T fuould be 'touched, to,. behold this Profeffor muft . now be cu~t down ; And when be was come nea'K' . be beheld tbe: City; and· wept over· it; foyihg, .If thou ha.dft.