Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The B[~-rr~n .Fig-Tree. . .89 hadft lknown, ~~en thou, at .leafl in this ihy J!ay~ the .7(hings that belong to thy . ~~a~t, ..b~t ~o~ /hey ar1 hid from lbine , ~~~es (~ ).' , · . 4~d tafter ~Bq~, tbo1i /hczlt cut it dow1f. vVhen Ch r.ift giveth !hec orqer, there 'is 1to l1,1tercelfor, no Mediator, no more Sacrifice for Sin : ,·All is gqne but 'Judgment, but the Axe, but a certain fearful lqoki'}g for .of 'Judgment, and fiery Indignation, which Jhall devour the Adverfarie! (r ). ·' )' , 4- • , Barren Fig-tr~e! Take heed that·thou comdl not · to thefe lafl Words, fo.r thefe ~Vords are a Give· up, a Calt-up, a Caft1 up of a Call-away ,: After that,_ _tl:;ou }halt Cflr it ( d.oJ»n,. They are as ·much.- ·as if Chrift had (aid, Father, I begged ; {or more 'I'ime fqr .this banen · Profeifor: I begged until ~ fhould dig about it, and dung it ; but now, F athei·, the 'Iime'JS. , out, the ¥ear is ended, the .. Sumn:er is. ended, ·and no Good done. I have al-: · . fo (q) Luke ).'i;, 11, f~· .~!J . Heb~ x~ . 26', 27 ~ ~ .s.~ ) .