Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

, .9'- 'fhe Ba,rre•Fig..'J'ree. The. F'irfl of thefe Obfervations I !hall · Lpafs by, and not med,dle at all there• ' with : But fhall briefly fpeak to the Second, to wit, . 'I'bat there ,are fome Profeffors~ wh'ife Day I of ··Grace wilJ end with, Cut it .- down,. wifh Judgment; when Chr~/1 bath z!ftd ~al~ the Mean-s for iheir Salvation. , : · -~~is the Apofl.Je . ·1heweth in the Third Cl~apter of his Epifl:le to the Hebrews, , where · he· tells us) That the People of.. the Jews, after a forty rears P atieuce, ~nd Encleayour to do them· good by the Means ~ppointed for th~t Purp,ofe, their End · was to be cut . · . dow1z;• or excluded. the Lan~ of ~"'J(i~ rnife, . ·for their fi.nal Incredulity; ~ I ~e J}~ t~ey c~~ld rr.not ent~r I in becauffi ofl:Jnb.. ltej;- 1 1 fv._t'efvre, '7'-~ l was grieved, with 'tbat Generation, and [aid, I they' do alz&·a)'S err fn their Hearts, an·d they have not. ·known. mJ- Ways : So I fware , in my Wrath, ·rhat' they jhould not -enter int.o.;my Reft ( x). . .A:s if he 1hould · {a.y, ' ' !I wollld they fho!Jld have- en- ' ·' tred in, and . for that Purpofe l ~ ~ brooght · them _out_ of Eg,ypf, led " them ' \