Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

. Tpe .13.:iAren Fig--1ree. 91 !leaven (u ). From , this brief Pafs. . through this Parable, you have thefe two · gtn~ral ~bfervations : "" Dcttrine I. . Firfl, That ev'en then when the ]ll'• ftice of God cries out, I cannot endure to 1.oait on Jbis barren Profejfor any longer': T'hfn Jefus · Chrift intercedes for a /£! ... tle more Time, and a little more Pdtience, and a little .more Striving with this Profeffor, if poffib]e he may make' him, a fruitful Profeffor. Lord, let it /fitclie this Yt:ar alfo, .ttntil I ·Jhall ilig about it, and dung it, and if it bear Fruit, !Veil, &c. ---- · Doftrine I I ~ ( . Secondly, There are fome Profeffors whofe Day of ·Grace 'will end with, Cut it down, wirh Judgment ; when ChriH: hath u!ed aH the Means f<Yr their S,: lvation. The • I I (u) Heb. :(ii, 25. I ' I