Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

94 The Ba~re12 Fig-:1ree. Lord ha~ing faved tbe PeoJlt out of tbe Land of Egypt, afterwards dejfroyed them that b,elieved pot~ -And the Angels · that kept not their firfl Ejlate, - but ·fejt their own Habitation; , he bath./ referved everlafling Cba'ins und~r Darknefs, unto~ the Judgment of the Great Day (z). I-lere is -an Inftance to Purpoie, an ,. · Inftanc.e .of Men and Angels. Me!l faye,d out of .the Land of Egypt, and , in their Journey toward Canaan, the ~ ' 'Type of Heaven, (cut down) Angels created, and placed in' the Jieaven~ in ·great Eft1te and Principality, yet both thefe~ becaufe unfruitful to .God in their Places, were cut down, the ly.Ie~ deftroyed by,. God, (for fo fai~~ the CJ:e~:.t) and the A'ngels n;ferved_ in ~ everlafiing Chains under :Darknefs, to : the ]udgmci1t of the Great . Day. , ·· Now., in my handljng of. this Point, I · fhaJl difcourfe of the ; Ct!tting, down, o.r the Judgment he~e denounc~d, as ' it refpeGteth the doing of it by God' Hand immediately, aqd ' that too, with refp~C1: to his Ca_;ling them out of the !forld,_. and not as it ~efp,ec~\ th ·an -Ac'}:: ,~ • • l