Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Barren Fig-tree. 95 , of the Church, &c. And as to this · Cutting down, or Judgment, . it muft be concluded, that it cannot be before the . Day of Grace be paft with · the Figtree. But, according to /the ObJerva.. tion, There be. fome Profelfors whofe Day 9f Grace wiJJ end with, Cut it ·down, according to the \Vords of the ' T ext, Cfben after th a ~, thou jba!t cut it down. After that., that is, after all my Attempts and Endeavours to make it -fruitful, after T. have left it, given it over , dow~ with it, . and refolved to beftow · no more Days of Gt:ace, Opportun i ies of Gr.<ce, a :-1d Means of Grace upon it ; ther:t after thaf, thou 1halt. cut it dow~n. · Befides, , the giving up of the Fig-tre~ is before the Extc ution; l!. 'xtcution is not ·always prtfently ' upon the Sente1it t:., given ; for after that, a con ~; ·,~ ni e nt Time is thought on, and then is . Cuf- ·,. ti,~1g down : A nd fo it i ~ ~:e're i:1 the CJ'ext. The-- n .; cree th:l t he Ih.l ll pe- I rilh, is gathcrfd ' f ·o·•n tts. continuing fruitlefs quire rh r oug t1 · ~h e laft Year, from its continuing h·u 'i cl d~, at tl1e End of ~ll Endctifvours : ,But Cutting dcwn is not