Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

S. D"IVTNE EN!BLE:Nrs· Art thou not planted by the ~ater-fide ?' Know'fl: not thy Lord by fruit is glorify' cl? The fentence is, Cut down· the ba!:ren tree:; B'ear fruit, e>r elfe thine end. will curfed be r Thou hafl: been digg'd about and dunged too,. Will neither patience, nor yet dreffing do? The cxec:utioner is come, 0 tree,. .Bear fruit,.or clfe thine end. wilV eUI:f~d be !' He tliat aoout tlly roots takes pains to dig, Would, i~ on thee were found but o~e good fig, . Pveferve thee from the axe : but, barren tree; Bear fruit, or elfe thine end' wiH' curfed be! 'The utmoft end' of patience is at nand; 'Tis much if thou much longer 'here cloth fiand •. 0 J=umbei-gr-ound, thou-art ·a barren tree; Bear fruit, Gr elfe thy end will cU!Jed be! Thy !landing, nor thy na~e will help at all ;. '\!Vhen fruitful trees are fpared, thou mufl: fall.. The axe is laid unto thy roots, 0 tree! Ecar fvuit, or elfe thy end will curfed · b~ II.- Ujon'