Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

.lOR. YOUTH· n. Upon the Lark and the Fowler. ,...-,LIQTT !1mn1,. h~rr! "''1,~t mal•pc +hP.P J.,,.,.., 1 ,1.. t~ pl;y"?"''"' ..,... ~J .......... ........ ~-~ ••. ~- .,.._... ,.- Look, there's the fowler, pr'ythee come awar. Do'H not behold the net? Look there 'lis fpread, . Venture a little further thou a,rt dead.. Is there not room. enough i:n all the field For thee to play in, but thou needs nn.tH yield To thf( deceitftil glit.t''ring of a glafs, Between nets plac'd,. to. br,ing thy death.to.pafs ( Bird, if thou art fo much for dazzling light. Look there's th..e (un ahove thee; dart upright : ' 'I:hy