Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

The egg's at firfi contained in the fhell Men afore grace, in fins and darknefs dwel!, The egg, when laid, by warmth i~ made a chicken. And Chrifi by grace the dead in fin does quicken. The chick at firfi is in the cell confin)d; So heav'n-born fouls are in the flefh detain ' d. The !hell doth crack, the chick doth chirp and peep, The flefh decays, and men then pray and weep. The !hell cloth break, . the chick's at liberty, . The fleill falls off, the foul mounts up on high. But both do not enjoy the felf-fame plight; The foul is fafe, the chick now fears the kite~ But chicks from rotten eggs do not proceed Nor is , an hypocrite a faint indeed. . The rotten egg, tho' underneath the hen, If crack'd, :!links, and is loathfome unto men.. Nor doth her warmth make what is rotten found; What's rotten, rotten will at ]aft be found. The hypocrite, fin has ~~ ;·r1 in poffeffion, He is a rotten egg under profefiion. Some eggs bring cockatrices; and fome men; Some hatc'd .and brooded in the viper's den.