Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

14 DIVINE EMBLEMS Some eggs bring wild-fowls; and fome mer1 there be As wild as are the wildefl: fowls that flee. Some eggs bring fpiders; and fome men appear More venom'd than the worfl: of fpiders are. Some eggs bring pifmires; ~md fome feem to As much for trifles as the pifmires be. [ me And thus do divers eggs form diff'rent fhapes, As like fome men as monkeys are like apes, But this is but an egg, were it a chick, Here bad been legs, and wings, and bones tp pick. V. OJ Fowls flying in the Air. METHINKS .I fee a fight mofl: excellent, All fort,s of birds fly in the firmament: SQme