Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

FOR YOUTH. vVhen candles are ·put out .afl's in confufion ;. Where Chrill:ian's are not devils make intrufion. . They then are happy who fuch candles have, All others dwell in da<knef.s and the grave. Dut candles that do blink within the focket, And faints who!e eyes are always in their pocket, Are much alike; fuch candles make us fumble; And .at fuch.faints, good men and bad do ll:um- , ble. ,Good candles don't offend, except fore eyes, ,~{)r hurt, unlefs it be the filly flies: fhus none like burning candles in the night, '{or ought to holy living for delight. 3ut let us draw towards the candle's end: rhe fire, you fee, cloth wick and tallow fpend; .~s grace man's life, until his glafs is run, \nd fo the candle and the man is dvne. The man now lays him dow'l upon his bed; ~hi'! wick yielf!s up its fire; and fo is dead. ·.'he ca.ndle now extinct is, but th'e man, ~y grace mounts up to glory, there to ll:a:rad,. \ .. C .2 XV. Upon ·