Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

• ~6 DIN1NE ENBLEMS The tallow ~pakes the wick yield to the fire, And finful flefh doth make the foul defire, That grace may kintlle on it, in it burn ; So evil makes the foul from evil turn. But candles in the wind are apt to flare; And chrifl:ians in a tempefl:, to defpair. We fee the flame with fmoke attended is; And in our holy lives there's mt•.::h amifs. So~etimes ~ tl~ief will candle:light annoy: And Iu:/ls do feek our graces to defl:roy. What brackifh is will make a candle fputter; 'Twixt fin and grace there's ·oft' a: heavy cl ut ter. Sometimes the light burns dim, 'casfe.of the · fuu~ . . And fometimes 'tis blown quite out with a puff; But watchfulnefs preventeth both thefe evils, 1\:eeps candl-es light, and grace ~n fpi~ht ~f devils. But let not fnuff~ nor puffs make us to doubt; • Our candles may be lighted, tho' pufft .out. The candle in the night cloth all excel, · Nor fun, nor moon, nor fl:ars, then fhine fo well. So is the Chrifl:ian in our hemifphere, Whofe light fhews others how their courfe to fteer. When