Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

3'~ ~IVIN E EMBLEM'S" -Sinner. I am,a man, and in God's image made-,. I have a foul !hall neither die nor fade : God has poffeHed me with numan reafon, Speak not againH me; left thou fpeakeft treafou•. . For if I am the imJge of my maker; Of Ganders laid on me he is partaker. Spider. I know thou art a creature far above me, . Therefore 1 !hun, I fear, and alfo love thee. But . tho' thy God l1ath made thee fuch a crea. ture, Thou hall againft him oftep play'd the traitor. Thy fin has fetch' d thee down : I~ave off .t?· boall; Nature thou haftdefil'd, God's image loft'.. Yea thou, thyfel f a very beaft haft made, And a:rt become like grafs, which foon cloth fade. Thy foul, thy rea(on;. yea, thy fpotlefs :ftate, . Sin has fubjeCled to th' moH dreadful fate. ~ut I retain my primitive condition, I've all but what I loft by thy ambition. Sinner. Thou ve~om'd thing, I know not what to call thee· · ' The dregs of ~ature furely did befall thee; Thou waft compos'd o'th' drofs and fcum of all, Men hate thee, and in.fcorn tqee Spider call. Spider.