Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

FO.lt YOUTIJ. I hide myfelf when I for flies d'o wait, 'So cloth the devil when he lays his bait; If I do fear the lofing of my prey, I 1.1ir me, and more [nares upon her lay. This way, and that, her wings and legs I tie, That fure as fhe is catch'cl, [{> 01e mufr die. But if I fee fhe's like to get away, 37 Then with my venom I her journey fray. All which my ways, the devil imitates To catch men, 'caufe he their falvation hates. Sinner. 0 fpider, thou delight'!!: me with thy Ikili, I pr'ythee fpit this venom at me frill. Spider. I am a fpider, yet I can poffefs The palace of a king, where happinefs So much abounds. Nor when I do go thither, Do they afk what, or whence · I come, or whither I make ·my hafiy travels? no, not they: They let me pafs, and I go on my way: . I feize the palace, do with hands take hold Of doors, of locks, or bolts; yet I am bold, When in, to clamber up unto the throne, And to poffefs it, a~ if 'twere my own. Nor if there any law forbidding me Here to abide, or in this palace be. At pleafure I afcend the highefi fiori cs, And then I fit, and fo behold the glories D . M \•ldf