Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

&6 DIVINE EM!LX-MS The maid fweeps one web down, I make aB9• ther, To fhew,how heedlefs onesconviaionsfmother. My web is no defence at all to me, Nor will falfe hopes at judgm~nt be to thee. ,.. Sinner. 0 fpider, l hav~ heard thee, and do wonder, A fpider fhould.thus lighten, and thus thunder? Spider. Do but hold frill, and I will let thee fee, Yet i.n my ways more myfierie~there be. Shall not I do thee good, if I thee tell, I fhew totheeafour-:fold way to hell? For fince I fet my web in fundry places. 1 fhew men go to hell in divet:s traces. One I fet in the window, that I might Shew fome go down to hell with gofpellight. One I fet in a corner, as you f~e, To fhew how fome in fecret fnared be. Grofs webs gteat Jl:o1:e l Jet .in dar·ktc,mel places, To fhew, how many fin with brazen faces. Another web I fet aloft on high, To fhew there's fome profefling men ,muft die Thus in my ways, God wifdom cloth concet" And by my way$, that wifdom doth reveal .