Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

XX. Of the Mole in the· Growul. T ~fltk~ole's a creature very fmooth and She digs i 'th' dirt, but 'twill not on her .flick. So's he who counts this world, . his greate!l: gains, Yet nothing gets but lahour for his pains. · Earth's the mole's element, fhe can't abide To be abov·~ ground, din heaps ;ne her pride; An~ h~ is like her, who the worldling plays, . He Imitates her in her works and ways. Poor filly mole, that thou fhould'fi love to be, Where thou, nor fun, nor moon, nor flars can'fl: fee. · But oh! How filly's he,. who doth not care So he gets earth, to have of heav'n a fhare r D 3 XXI. Of