Bunyan - BR75 B88d 1793

42 DIVlN E EMBLE!~S XXI. Of the Cuehoo. T H 0 V booby, fay'ft thou nothing but Cuckoo? / · · The Robin and the Wren can thee out-do. They to us play thorough their little throats, Not one, but fundry pretty tuneful notes. But .thou haft fellows, fome like thee can dO' Li~tle but fuck our eggs, and fing Cuckoo. Thy not 'Sdo not firft welcome in our fpring, Nor doft Lhou its firft tokens to us bring. Birds lefs than thee by far, like Prophets, do· Tell us, 'tis coming, tho' not by Cuckoo. Nor doft thou fummer have away with thee, Thou,!!;h thou a yawling, ba,.Vling Guckoo b.e. When